Emergency Care

In pain? Give us a call and we’ll do our best to get you in right away. No one wants to be stuck with tooth pain. We’ve got you covered.

Second Look

Already got a quote from another dental practice and wondering about other options? Come in and we would be happy to offer a complimentary second look.

Preventative Services

It is important to us to prevent dental issues. To do this, we stress preventive care including regular cleanings, exams and radiographs. Our hygienists are very experienced and will offer individual instructions to improve your oral health.

Composite Fillings

Also called “Bonding”. If you have a cavity, we use composite fillings to fix your tooth. This is a tooth colored material that looks and feels like a natural tooth. If you have amalgam (silver) fillings that are old or leaking, we typically can replace them with a bonded, tooth colored filling.


Crowns are coverings on the teeth. If a cavity is very large, sometimes a crown is needed to restore the tooth into function. In other instances, if a tooth has a fracture a crown is recommended to keep it from breaking.  Thompson Family Dentistry has an in-house milling unit to fabricate most crowns in the office. This allows for same day crowns. 


Veneers are porcelain “facings” on your front teeth. they are used to improve the esthetics of your teeth. They can change the shape and hide stains and discolored tooth structure.


Implants are used to replace missing teeth or to stabilize dentures. Implants are titanium “roots” that are placed in the jaw bone. A crown can then be attached to them for a finished product that looks and functions like a real tooth. Our office works closely with the oral surgeon through the entire process of your implant restoration.


A bridge is another option to replace missing teeth. The teeth on both sides of the space are used to replace a missing tooth. Bridges also offer a very esthetic and functional outcome to replace teeth.


Dr. Thompson is a Certified Invisalign provider. This is a great option if you would rather not have braces, but still want your teeth straightened.


If a tooth is too badly decayed or has broken, sometimes the only option for treatment is an extraction. While this can sound scary and painful, we will make this process as easy and comfortable as possible. Many times wisdom teeth do not have room to erupt properly and need to be removed.